We have a new brand just in at nami called Surf|<ut for Men. We like to call this shirt a definite“keeper”! Not a shirt that sits in the back of your closet only to be worn on occasion but the shirt you have stop yourself from wearing over and over again. If you surf this shirt is made for you. If you’re in shape this shirt is made for you. If you are out of shape and want to look in shape this shirt is made for you because for the first time it gives a Man’s body a wonderful shape. Made from comfortable Indian cotton with a slim-cut fit, it literally redefines a man’s body and I can confirm…the ladies love it!

But here’s the rest of the story…

When a person knows something is working with them even though on face value they may be thinking ‘it’s impossible’, yet for some inspirational reason one decides to push ahead what do most people call that? Stupidity crosses my mind as well, but after getting over that self-destructive word I will now define it as an “instinctual spirit”guidance. When there is a spiritual force behind what we know to be true there is literally no stopping anyone at what is achievable and or possible. The biggest hurdle of all, to trust what you know to be true in spirit. The rest is out of your hands.

And so was my recent experience with this photo shoot we did for nami called “Living Your Dream”. We found by no coincidence someone doing just that by the name of Callum Snell. An amazing person literally fulfilling his dream by doing what he does best…horse whisperer and healer, “Cal” is the real deal and we were blessed to have him in our midst as he literally lives and depicts his dream as we feel the photos will show.

From the beginning of organising this shoot with so many involved things were a bit crazy and on top of all of that, the weather people were just saying “don’t do it” because of cloud cover and rain, but as spirit inspired me, I just knew I had to keep going. Everyone was calling the night before telling me no, not going to happen, are you sure, etc., etc. but still there was a calling to stand fast and push on. Thank goodness as I’m hoping you will all agree. An epic day depicting the truth of what we must all go through in our own lives to “Follow our own personal Dream” whatever that they may be and rely on spirit to guide us through every closed door presented along the way. Just breath tune in and walk through.

What I do know now more than ever is when I trust in my dream and allow spirit to work with and through me, all my doubts literally disappear and the only thing left is… to see my dream unfold before my eyes. And yes… I wept this morning along with a few others because spirit was there with us all and created a truly magical morning.

We hope you enjoy…



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